CF&P Urges Low-Tax Jurisdictions to Protect Global Economy by Resisting OECD’s Anti-Tax Competition Campaign

Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation

For Immediate Release
Monday, May 23, 2011

CF&P Urges Low-Tax Jurisdictions to
Protect Global Economy by Resisting
OECD’s Anti-Tax Competition Campaign

(Washington, D.C., Monday, May 23, 2011) With the next meeting of the Global Tax Forum – part of the anti-tax competition program of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) – scheduled to begin next week in Bermuda, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation (CF&P) has today released a Prosperitas paper calling on low-tax jurisdictions to stand up against the constantly growing demands of European tax collectors struggling to prop-up floundering welfare states.

Entitled, “Monitoring the OECD’s Campaign Against Tax Competition, Fiscal Sovereignty, and Financial Privacy: Strategies for Low-Tax Jurisdictions,” the paper concludes that low-tax jurisdictions, typically much smaller and less powerful than their high-tax counterparts, are only enabling bad policy by remaining silent.

Link to the Prosperitas paper:

CF&P President Andrew Quinlan announced, “The Center for Freedom and Prosperity will be attending the upcoming Global Forum to work with these beleaguered low-tax jurisdictions and prevent further erosions of tax competition, financial privacy and fiscal sovereignty.”

The paper explains how the OECD seeks to bully low-tax jurisdictions into silence. This acquiescence in turn allows the high-tax nations to claim a false consensus, and thus keep pressuring for more and more concessions. But while they claim to be advocating what is only in the best interests of low-tax jurisdictions, it is clear that their primary objective is to raise revenue for themselves.

Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute stated that, “The OECD represents the interests of high-tax welfare states, and the Paris-based bureaucracy is willing to impose great damage on the world economy in hopes of delaying the inevitable collapse of this bankrupt governments.”

The co-authors of the paper, Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute and Brian Garst of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation, will be on hand during the upcoming Global Forum in Bermuda to consult with low-tax jurisdictions. Brian Garst can be contacted at to arrange a meeting. CF&P has been represented at every such forum to date, and has also made defunding the OECD a top priority.

Originally created to promote economic cooperation and trade among developed countries, the OECD for decades played a benign role, collecting statistics and publishing studies. Beginning in the 1990s, however, the Paris-based bureaucracy started to pursue a policy agenda to advance the interests of the European welfare states that dominate the OECD’s membership. They seek to impose punitive international tax rules to prop up inefficient big government policies.

Link to CF&P video exposing the OECD’s Big Government agenda:

For additional information:
Andrew Quinlan can be reached at 202-285-0244,
Dan Mitchell can be reached at 202-218-4615,


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